Water soluble liquid organic fertilizers for fertigation, foliar feeding or as a root drench.

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Cannabis Microbial Consortium (CMC)

Contains natural growth hormone that speeds up growth of the plant, resulting in strong stocky bushes with short internode spacing.

Liquifish (Fish Hydrolysate)

Organic liquid nutrient for vegetative stage.

Liquiphos (Bio Phos)

Organic liquid nutrient for flowering stage of plant's life. Mix at the rate of 2.5-5ml per 1 litre of water, USE ONLY AS A SOIL DRENCH, NOT SUITABLE FOR FOLIAR FEEDING.

Phylo Sphere

Apply weekly as a foliar spray at 2.5-5ml per litre of dechlorinated water. Compatible with most IPM programmes & bio-pesticides

Sea Rock (Bio Kelphos)

Organic liquid phosphorus and kelp fertilizer.

Thrust (Bio-Nitro)

Liquid organic nitrogen fertilizer. Mix at the rate of 5-10ml per 1 litre of water. Use every second week or when plants display signs of nitrogen deficiency.