Organic and Inert substrates which are beneficial as soil amendments.

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Cocopeat Block – Fine

Cocopeat (Coir) is a by product from the coconut husk. It's a 100% organic eco friendly multi purpose growing medium, animal bedding and a natural absorbent; makes 60L.

Jiffy Plugs

1 unit. 41mm Jiffy-7® Plugs Soak the 41mm Jiffy-7® Plugs in water and it will expand to about to about seven times in size in a few short minutes. They make the perfect seed starting plug and also cloning propagation plug. The Jiffy Plug holds approximately 50ml of water when soaked and makes transplanting a lot easier too.


Horticultural perlite is an easy to use, lightweight, sterile soil conditioner that provides a number of important benefits to commercial growers, landscapers and home gardeners. A primary benefit is the ability of  horticultural perlite to improve aeration and drainage of excess water. Perlite exhibits a unique moisture exchange property whereby optimum amounts of water and water-soluble nutrients are maintained for use by plants as required. It is inorganic, does not decompose or break down, and has an almost neutral pH range of 6.5 to 7.5. It also serves as an insulator by reducing extreme soil temperature fluctuations which can be detrimental to good root development and vigorous growth. Perlite can be used to advantage in almost every horticultural application.

Sphagnum Peat Moss

Acidic peat moss pH 4-4.5 No added buffers Sustainably harvested High water holding capacity High structural stability Low pH & salt value High natural CEC due to fulvic and humic acids Naturally supports the symbiosis betweeen plant roots and mycorrhizal fungi

Vermicompost/Earthworm Compost (Fine Sifted)

Benefits of earthworm compost. Earthworm castings contain high amounts of beneficial bacteria, humus, humic acids, enzymes and many other beneficial