Cocopeat(Coir) is a byproduct from the coconut husk. It is a 100% organic eco friendly multi purpose growing medium, animal bedding and a natural absorbent.

The coconut husk is milled, prewashed, sun dried, freed from pathogen and weed.

Cocopeat increases moisture and air retention ideal for most plant types. It is pH 5.5-6.5 for plant growth.

Also Coir fiber can be used to manufacture mattress, carpets, ropes, insulation, brushes.

Only the dust or coir pith is made into Cocopeat. Making it Eco friendly renewable peat moss and rockwool alternative.

100% organic multi-purpose growing medium.
Production does not harm the environment.
Excellent substrate for root development
Holds high air capacity even when completely saturated.
Ideal growing medium because of its water holding capacity and air filled porosity.
Best alternative to traditional peat moss.
With time develops a high buffer capacity that will enable the plants to overcome a short time deficiency of fertilizers and water.

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